Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
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Charlotte Meehan, Playwright-in-Residence

Office: 319 Meneely
Tel: 508.286.5488
Email: meehan_charlotte@wheatoncollege.edu

In both Playwriting: Form and Craft and Advanced Playwriting we explore a range of dramatic styles via readings of plays, critical and theoretical essays, interviews with playwrights, manifestos, and pedagogical writings.

Students begin the semester writing a series of scenes and monologues based on exercises designed to encourage alteration as needed. In time, thematic obsessions take root, characters emerge, and a dramatic trajectory evolves.

Crucial to the study of playwriting is an environment where each student's voice and developing aesthetic remain a priority in offering feedback. With this in mind, students and professor respond to a work-in-progress by acknowledging its style first and then proceeding to discuss its content with curiosity and rigor.

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