Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
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Charlotte Meehan, Playwright-in-Residence
Office: 319 Meneely
Tel: 508.286.5488
Email: cmeehan@wheatonma.edu

Writing for Performance is a 200-level course in which we study prominent early 20th century avant-garde performance movements that spawned new theatre and visual art practices evolving into a proliferation of international performance that continues to grow today. Aside from reading performance and theoretical texts, students create original performances each week from a variety of conceptual starting points: verbal, visual, collaborative, socio-political, Dadaist, metaphysical, etc. At semester's end, students assemble portfolios of their written and/or illustrated performance texts as blueprints for an art form that lives primarily in the ephemera of its performative presence.

This course is part of a Connection called Performing into Theory with Professor John Partridge's Philosophy course in Aesthetics.

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