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Update: Classes will resume on Thursday

Posted on January 22, 2014

Wheaton College will resume its regular schedule of classes and activities on Thursday, Jan. 23. All facilities on campus are now accessible and prepared for regular hours of operations.

Students, faculty and staff are urged to take care when moving about the campus. Walkways have been cleared, but remain slippery in many spots due to rain and overnight freezing.

Students who delayed their return to campus may arrive after 4 p.m. today (Wednesday, Jan. 22). Please use caution and exercise good judgement in traveling as road conditions in the region vary and some secondary roads continue to be snow-covered and slippery.

Class schedules

Please remember that Friday, Jan. 24, will be treated as if it were a Wednesday.

This means that for classes that meet on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday (MWF) schedule, there is no difference. But for classes that meet on a Monday-Wednesday (MW) schedule, this allows one meeting to take place during the first, abbreviated week.

Both Tuesday-Thursday classes and MW classes will therefore meet once during these first two days of class. Labs that meet on Wednesday will now meet on Friday.

Again, the Friday = Wednesday switch is for this opening week only.

Employee information

The college is resuming normal operations. All second and third-shift personnel should report for work today (Wednesday, Jan. 22) on their regular schedules. Thursday will be a regular day and all administrative offices will open as regularly scheduled.

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