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Returning Students

We are invested in your academic success and here to help you maintain your access to disability-related services. Whether you have registered with our office in a previous semester or are just considering services, our office is always receptive to discussing your needs.

If you are a returning student who is already registered with the Office of Disability Services, then it is only necessary to submit your online academic request form for the current semester:
Fall 2015 Accommodation Request Form.

If you are a returning student who has not yet registered with the Office of Disability Services, please follow the steps below.

Registering with the Office of Disability Services

Students wishing to be considered for accommodations and support services offered through the Office of Disability Services (ODS), must complete the following steps:

  1. Submit Intake Form. Once enrolled at Wheaton, students must begin their registration with ODS by completing an online registration form. Only one Intake form is needed for the student's stay at Wheaton.
  2. Submit documentation of disability.
    Returning students are not required to resubmit documentation unless there is a change of condition, prior submissions were outdated, incomplete, or insufficient, or requests for accommodations are not supported by the existing documentation. Most documentation follows students for their stay at Wheaton. If new documentation is needed, please refer to the appropriate Documentation Guidelines for assistance in providing documentation that is appropriate to verify eligibility and support accommodation requests. Please submit a copy and retain an original for your personal use.
    Learning Disability /ADHD Guidelines
    Medical Provider Form
    Psychiatric - Mental Health Form
    Please note: Students, parents and/or medical providers may choose to use technology to communicate with the Housing Accommodation Committee.  Please note that all documentation received in any form will be stored electronically by the Housing Accommodation Committee.  Due to the nature of electronic communication and storage, there is always the possibility that unauthorized persons may attempt to/or inadvertently discover your personal information. While the college takes every precaution to safeguard your information, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized access to electronic communications could not occur.
  3. Schedule an intake interview. Please call the Filene Center for Academic Advising & Career Services at (508) 286-8215 to schedule an appointment. At the intake interview, students will provide information about how their disability impacts them in an educational setting. This will also be an opportunity for students to become acquainted with other services and supports that are offered through the College. Policies and procedures will be reviewed along with student, staff and ODS responsibilities.
    1. Once your registration process is complete, you may request academic accommodations:
      Fall 2015 Accommodation Request Form

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