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Meal Plan Accommodations

 As a residential college, Wheaton requires that all students living on campus enroll in one of the meal plan options available through the College's Dining Services.  Wheaton’s Dining Services offers a wide variety of options capable of meeting many different dietary needs, including allergies/intolerances and chronic health conditions. For this reason, students must meet with the Director of Dining Services and/or Executive Chef first to determine dining options before pursuing a meal plan accommodation.  A registered dietician is available to consult with students; however, a physician’s letter outlining the nutritional needs must be provided prior to the consultation. Please call Dining Services at 508-286-8209 to set up an appointment.

In the rare instance that Dining Services cannot meet your nutritional needs, an exemption may be considered, but will not be granted on the basis of dietary preferences or financial reasons. All requests are determined on a case-by-case basis according to documented need in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Procedures for Requesting a Meal Plan Accommodation

  1. Register with Disability Services by completing the online Registration Form and schedule a meeting with Disability Services, at (508) 286-8215 to complete an intake interview. Students already receiving accommodations through Disability Services do not have to re-register.
  1. Complete a Meal Plan Accommodation Request Form: Student
  1. Print out and submit the Meal Plan Accommodation Request Form: Physician to your health care provider for completion. Please note that all documentation must be translated into English. Forward the completed form to the Office of Disability Services:
  • Fax:         508-286-5621
  • Email: advising@wheatoncollege.edu
  • Mail:      Office of Disability Services Wheaton College Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services 26 E. Main Street Norton MA 02766
  • In person: Schedule an appointment, by calling (508)-286-8215

Students must abide by these procedures and provide all of the required information before a request for accommodation can be considered.

Appeal Procedures

Students who are not granted a meal plan accommodation or exemption through this process have the right to appeal the Committee’s decision. Please refer to the Grievance procedure under the Americans with Disabilities Act

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