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Digital Storytelling


Clarifying and Focusing the Research Process

Students embarking on a large research project can find the process overwhelming. Completion can take a long time, during which the focus can be lost in the midst of re-writes, re-thinking, drafts, and edits. By the end of the process, some even find it hard to recall what fired their interest in a topic in the first place.

Bruce Owens and Gabriela Torres had their Anthropology seniors produce short, 3–5 minute digital stories as "elevator pitches" to their peers and professors describing their initial thoughts around their senior research projects. The emphasis on these was to showcase what fascinated them about these topics, and to communicate the topic's essence clearly, quickly, and in an engaging manner.

Example: student Lindsay Cobb '12 describes the personal interest in physical beauty that led her to study the issue of cosmetic surgery from an Anthropological perspective.

Example: student Morgan Foster '12 tells a story from her past to explain her interest in medical Anthropology.

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