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Digital Storytelling


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If you're interested in doing some Digital Storytelling in your classroom, there is good news: the tools have never been easier, and there are many, many people documenting DS practices on the web.

Of course, if you're at Wheaton, please contact your LIS liaison!

Getting started

The basic whys and hows of Digital Storytelling.


All of these books are available at the Wheaton library; click on the titles to see the library catalog page

Digital Storytelling for specialized applications

Digital Storytelling Organizations and groups

... So how do I grade this?

There's a rubric for that!

Examples from outside Wheaton

This site is in part a showcase of what's happening at Wheaton; here are some links to explore what's happening elsewhere.
Note that this list is bound to be instantly outdated — you may want to try a canned search instead.

Not exactly digital storytelling, but related

Links to some kindred sites

  • PhotoVoice
    a combination of photography and grassroots social action; participants (often from marginalized groups) are asked to represent their community or point of view by taking photographs, discussing them together, developing narratives to go with their photos, and conducting outreach or other action
  • HistoryPin
    take a google map, drop a marker, and add a picture and a story. Repeat amongst a community of thousands, and you get a communal historical landscape

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