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Students in FYS: History and Culture in the Digital Age to Transcribe and Mark Up Page Spreads

Posted on September 26, 2012

This week, students in the First Year Seminar, History and Culture in the Digital Age, are being introduced to the Wheaton College Digital History Project. Students have read James Gleick's The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood, and now they have an opportunity to learn the use of XML markup for historical financial records. They will visit the Wheaton College Archives and Special Collections on Thursday, when they will view the primary sources as physical objects. Next week, the students will meet in workshop sessions to be assigned to pairs in which they will transcribe and mark up page spreads from the daybook kept by Laban Morey Wheaton in the second quarter of the nineteenth century. Before the students undertake this work, they will complete a short survey focused on their experiences with HTML, XML, and other markup vocabularies.

In previous semesters, students in more advanced courses have been assigned the work of transcription and markup of the daybook. This is the first time that the assignment has been used for a class composed entirely of first-year students in their first semester at the college.

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