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  • Raleigh Upshur '10

    Raleigh Upshur '10 has worked at Amazon for 7 years. He currently is in charge of user interfaces on Amazon's business products. He noted that the Wheaton Computer Science degree is not only valuable for the coverage of technical aspects but also for the liberal arts background. Amazon looks for students who can communicate clearly […] More »
  • Adrian Schaedle '12

    Adrian Schaedle '12 is a software engineer at NerdWallet. More »
  • Anthony Castellani '13

    Anthony Castellani '13 is a software engineer at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. More »
  • Nate Hunt '13

    Nate Hunt '13 is a software QA (quality assurance) engineer at Nexgen Compliance Solutions in Middletown, RI. More »
  • Jose Rosario '13

    Jose Rosario '13 is working as an Application Developer at ThoughtWorks Inc. More »
  • Ben Burrage '07

    Currently pursuing a Master's of Technological Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University. Former Systems Administrator at the Museum of Science Boston and Wheaton College. More »
  • Ka Yee Kwok '00

    Ka Yee Kwok '00 works as a Special Agent in Federal Investigative Services in Hawaii. More »
  • Brent DiGiovanna '08

    Brent DiGiovanna '08 is a Development Programmer at MEDITECH. More »
  • Patrick Thomas '03

    Patrick Thomas '03 is currently working for the California Institute of Technology at LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory) in Hanford, WA as an Operations Specialist. LIGO is an experiment to detect and characterize gravitational waves from astronomical sources. When they are collecting data Patrick helps to staff the control room and operate the interferometer. He also works on code for […] More »
  • Sean Sidoti '11

    Sean Sidoti '11 is an IT Analyst in Dover, New Hampshire. Sean advises current students: "Always be willing to accept help when you need it. That'd be something I wish I did more during college". More »