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Mengyang (Vicky) Li '14

Posted on April 9, 2012

Class of 2014
From: Changchun, China

Did you come to Wheaton knowing you wanted to major in Computer Science?

I was very interested in Chemistry, Biology, Math and Physics when I was in high school in China. I always helped my classmates when they had questions in these areas. I was also the teaching assistant in Chemistry. I had no idea that I would major in Bioinformatics, which combines all my interests in science. In fact, I did not know about this novel major at all. I came to Wheaton College with interests in food science. After taking my First Year Seminar “Storytelling through Computer Animation” with Professor Mark LeBlanc, I was motivated to take another Computer Science class.

What has been the most interesting class you've taken in the Computer Science Curriculum?

I have enjoyed all the CS classes that I have been taken. The first one I took was “Robots, Games, and Problem Solving” where I was able to learn the programming language Python. This class introduced me to a different way to solve problems and I enjoyed what I learned. Then I took the interdisciplinary class “DNA”, where I learned a way to apply my programming skills to genomics problems. We learned the programming language Perl and explored some genomics problems at the DNA level. I am taking “Data Structure” this semester. This is a practical class, which introduced us to several data structures. By using different data structures for different purposes, we were able to solve problems much more efficiently. We also learned the language C++ in this class.

What are your plans for after graduation?

As a result, I have found myself really liking computing and programming. At the same time, I have been taking other classes in the Biology, Chemistry, and Math departments. As a sophomore, I am interested in Nutrition, and moreover, I have the passion to solve health-related problems using my programming skills. Since I have decided to major in Bioinformatics, my mentors and teachers in Changchun, China are very proud that I am their first student to study this challenging interdisciplinary area…

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