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Lab Work Outside of a Regularly Scheduled Lab Period

Special Instructions Regarding Instrument Use and Lab Work Outside of a Regularly Scheduled Lab Period

1. Students who need to come in and do lab work at times other than during lab periods must do so between the hours of 9am and 6pm ONLY.
2. Students working in lab (not the instrument room) should check in with a faculty member before beginning work.
3. Students coming to to use instruments in the Instrument Room (Sci. Ctr. B-357) must sign up in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts. Should a student come in and find the equipment unused when he/she would like to use it, he/she should still sign up for that period on the reservation sheet so we know who has used it and when.
4. Faculty members who will have students using instruments outside of regularly scheduled lab period at time when he/she is not here, he/she should tell another faculty member as well as let the students know who to see for assistance.
5. ALL students working in these "unsupervised" situations MUST observe all safety requirements - glass or goggles and NO FOOD in the lab. A student will be asked to leave for not following the safety rules.

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