Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
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Honors Theses

Class of 2011

Marissa Hobocan - Chemistry

"Enantioselective hydrogenation of enol esters in water"

Jessica Emory - Biochemistry

"Asymmetric hydrogenation of enamide esters in aqueous media"

Class of 2010

Aurelie Marcotte - Chemistry

"The determination of methanosulfonic acid levels in an ice core from South-Central Greenland"

Caitlin Glover - Chemistry

"An examination of the chemical changes that lead (II) oxide induces in the 18-day creation of linseed oil paint"

Jacob Korzun - Biochemistry

"Identification of the toll-like receptors in gray seals"

Class of 2009

Julia Dekermendjian - Chemistry

"Investigation of the polymerization of copper oils"

Katherine Burbank - Chemistry

"Electron deficient aromatic alumoxanes as arsenic remediation materials"

Samuel Beal - Chemistry

"Chemical weathering along the Greenland ice sheet margin"

Julia Simundza - Chemistry

"Use of microsatellite DNA to establish the genetic relationship of Cape Cod diamondback terrapins"

Beth Markens - Chemsitry

"Differential gene expression in patients with aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease"

Hilary Magruder - Biochemistry

"Expression of GPER-1, a novel membrane estrogen receptor, in human ovarian cancer cell lines"

Blair Rossetti - Biochemistry

"Identification and analysis of the sea urchin ciliary proteome"

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