Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College


Neuroscience 400. Senior Seminar in Neuroscience

Fall 2015

The field of neuroscience has been shaped by many diverse disciplines and historic advances in anatomy, perception, histology, and philosophy.  By studying the development of any specific field, we learn about the nature of science and human exploration.  Therefore, we will also attempt to learn from our past to predict the future of brain science.   In this class, we will bring together ideas from psychology, biology, chemistry, physics, philosophy, religion, and mathematics which have all contributed to the discovery of the inner workings of the brain and defining the essence of mind.


Spring 2016

Humans are rapidly integrating technology into all levels of their biology from robotic prosthetics to implantable electronics to ingestible psychoactive drugs, so that our technology is now found around, on, and even in our bodies. In this Senior Seminar for 2016, we will consider the promise and peril of the technological "enhancements" we are creating at the organismal and cellular levels and consider whether we are evolving ourselves from Homo sapiens sapiens to become Homo sapiens silico.