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Business and Management 398. Experimental Courses

New Venture Creation

New Venture Creation is a completely new course that will expand the minds of students interested in entrepreneurship and jump-start the innovation ecosystem here at Wheaton. We will explore the complexities of the ever-more-overused term “entrepreneur.” Who are these ubiquitous renegades and what purpose do they serve? We will discuss innovation in a new way, from the inside out. The business world, in its never-ending quest for efficiency, has turned innovation into an outcomes-based activity. Companies need something new, or improved, so they “innovate.” We will learn why true innovation comes from entirely different places, for very different reasons. Lastly, we will learn the building blocks of entrepreneurship, innovation and the startup ecosystem. This course is for business students, but you do not need to be intending to become an entrepreneur or planning to join a startup to benefit from the course. You will gain a deeper understanding of this important and growing part of the business world, which will help you no mater what path you ultimately pursue. This will be a small class and a very flexible and hands-on experience.


Organizational Leadership

This course develops students' understanding of leadership in today's dynamic business environment. Emphasis will be placed on values driven leadership to develop principled business leaders. Students are required to develop habits like senior executives and encouraged to begin the transition process from learning to application. Personal reflection, experiential activities, critical thinking assignments, challenging dialogue and enhancement of students’ presentation skills are of high priority in this course. The course also requires effective writing skills, along with student willingness to discuss their ideas in the class. Furthermore, this course has students engage in personal application of leadership concepts in order to influence change in their lives and the lives of those around them.

Nancy Scott