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Interdepartmental 110. Ponds to Particles I

Want to know how science connects to the real world? This interdisciplinary course is totally hands-on, problem-based science, with authentic applications. You'll work as part of a team in service to a local township to solve real problems for that community. Using "just-in-time" teaching, your instructors will serve you as coaches and partners in your problem-solving endeavors. The course includes many field trips, ranging from short on-campus explorations to daylong expeditions on Boston Harbor, Cape Cod and Quabbin Reservoir.

The first semester will focus on water problems on Cape Cod; the second semester INT 111 will focus on energy problems. Students are encouraged to take both semesters (the experiences you have in the second semester will build on those you have in the first), but enrolling for only one semester is acceptable.

Early childhood/elementary education majors are strongly advised to take this course both semesters to meet their science requirements.