Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
First-Year Seminar


FYS Section A27. Walk In, Dance Out

Edward Villella, Artistic Director for the Miami City Ballet, once argued, “Why dance? Because the arts are wonderful extensions of the sensitivities of the human spirit. Dance is an extension of childlike physical activity, in which we express ourselves, speak, and make others understand how we feel about things.” In this seminar, we will explore dance at the dawn of time and review significant dance works and literature. We will study the ancient civilizations to see how dance impacted their society and its social role. We will travel from the Middle Ages and Renaissance to the 20th century to study how new choreographers were focused on current trends in art styles, multimedia, and popular music. The era of chance and change was one of experimentation, when dance forms were blended to create contemporary ballet, modern dance and jazz. This seminar is also part practicum, and we will study ballet, modern and jazz techniques as well as learn social dances from the 20th century in America.

Cheryl MrozowskiCheryl Mrozowski
Professor of Dance, Director of Dance