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First-Year Seminar


FYS Section A22. Cognition in the Wild: The Psychology of Bullsh*t, and other Deceptive Tactics for Future Senators and CEOs

This course is for aspiring world leaders. It gives you the psychology that you need to know to be a senator, CEO, press secretary, or football coach. It gives you the information that you need to see through the BS and make an informed decision when deciding on issues that matter. It also covers tactics to get others to buy your most odoriferous ideas. The beauty of psychology may lie in the empirical research, but future senators and CEOs don't have time for that. So we skip the science of the mind, and get to the key results that will help you run the world. These include deceptive strategies, like tactical ambiguity, innuendo, impression management, spin, and counter intelligence. We also cover a few things only necessary for White House dinner conversation: social justice, morality, ‘alternative facts’, and the truth about liars.

Matthew GingoMatthew Gingo
Assistant Professor of Psychology