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First-Year Seminar


FYS Section A04. Nanotechnology in Everyday Life

Have you ever wondered about what makes it possible for your current electronic devices—from cell phones to computers—to come in smaller and smaller sizes but with more and more capacity? What if you could have stain resistant clothes? What if tumor-specific anti-neoplastic care were available to cancer patients? In this course we will explore the breakthroughs of the nanotechnology applications such as the ones mentioned. Nanotechnology combines chemistry, biology, physics, medicine, environmental science, materials engineering, and chemical engineering. Nanotechnology creates “smart” materials that are built atom by atom. These materials are stronger than bulk materials and have many applications in our daily lives. These applications include electronic devices and appliances that we use every day, health care, environment (i.e., purification of water and solar energy), military equipment, and much more. We will discuss nanotechnology products on the market, nano toxicity, ethical and social implications of nanotech research and product development.

M. Thandi  ButheleziM. Thandi Buthelezi
Associate Professor of Chemistry