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Film and New Media Studies 298. Experimental Courses

Mafia Movies

From The Godfather to The Sopranos, the American entertainment industry has often glamourized the image of the “mafioso.” On the other side of the Atlantic, the Italian film industry has often romanticized the social and political struggle against the mafia. But what is the mafia and what makes a mafia movie? Why are American and Italian mafia movies so different from each other? How have different historical contexts and cinematic traditions affected the production and the reception of mafia movies? What is at stake in the cultural representation of the mafia?


Summer 2013

Visualizing Cultural Data

Effective data visualization is equal parts computational thinking, critical inquiry and creative design. This course introduces students to these various dimensions of visualizing cultural data (i.e., the data generated by and about people and their interactions with one another, technology and their surroundings). It is designed with beginners in mind, so there is no prior programming experience is required. Students will use entry-level tools to design an information dashboard, a narrative infographic, a customized map, and an interactive web-based visualization. The course emphasizes the value of hands-on, project-based learning with respect to computational thinking, information fluency, digital literacy and design skills – skills that are increasingly important to academic success and professional pursuits alike. Offered in summer only.