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Film & New Media Studies


Film and New Media Studies 298. Experimental Courses

Race, Gender and Television

How has television dealt with race, gender, and other forms of difference? How have marginalized artists created space for themselves in the TV industry? This seminar will explore how four groups—African Americans, LGBTQ+ populations, women, and those with disabilities—have shaped, and were shaped by, TV history. In addition to studying televisual representation, students will explore how industrial shifts (ex. the demographics of writers’ rooms) and audience practices (ex. binge-watching), affect what we see on TV and who gets the power to make it. Required weekly viewing.


Web Development

This course will cover the design and implementation of dynamic web-based applications. Topics include server and application architecture, database-driven development, interface design, and content management. Client-side tools include HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript; PHP, Ajax, and jQuery are some of the server-side tools. Class meetings will include hands-on practice. Students will create one or more major web sites hosted on the department server.