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English 101. Writing

Required of all first-year students except those who have passed the Advanced Placement examination with a 4 or 5 or have passed the Wheaton exemption examination, which is given by invitation. The focus for the writing and reading varies from section to section, permitting students to follow special interests and explore new material. All sections introduce students to some college-level literacy practices. The topic for each of the sections will be announced before the date of course selections and sent to all entering students during the summer. Recent topics have included popular culture, London, multicultural lives, the environment and rebellion and authority.

At least one short paper each week or a longer paper biweekly is required. Focus is on understanding invention, composing, revising and editing processes and using them. Students are encouraged to engage in conferences outside of class with their professors and to seek the help of Wheaton's student writing tutors, who have completed a one-semester peer tutoring course that is jointly offered by the English and education departments.

You will be asked to do a lot of writing at Wheaton, and this course will help you to do it well. You will work with the instructor and your classmates on different kinds of writing assignments, and you'll become more comfortable with writing while you improve your skills. Most sections include both formal and informal writing, and you will confer with the instructor about individual drafts and, at times, read and respond to other students' writing in a workshop setting.

First Year Students - Submit your writing course selections by June 1st using the ENG 101 Preference Form

(see also Spring 2018 Semester sections)

Fall Semester 2017

ENG 101-A01 Writing about Chocolates, Dragons and other Problems
ENG 101-A02 Writing about My Generation
ENG 101-A03 Writing about Prison Culture
ENG 101-A04 Writing about Friendship and Love
ENG 101-A05 Writing about Pop Culture
ENG 101-A06 Writing about Connected Life
ENG 101-A07 Writing about Travel and Exploration
ENG 101-A08 Writing about Chocolates and Dragons
ENG 101-A09 Writing about Film
ENG 101-A10 Writing about War
ENG 101-A11 Writing about Technology and Identity
ENG 101-A12 Writing about Ways of Knowing
ENG 101-A13 Writing about My Generation
ENG 101-A14 Writing about Prison and Prison Culture
ENG 101-A15 Writing about Pop Culture
ENG 101-A16 Writing about Travel and Exploration
ENG 101-A17 Writing about Rewriting Education
ENG 101-A18 Writing about Prison Culture

Spring Semester 2018

ENG 101-B19 Writing about Chocolates and Dragons
ENG 101-B20 Writing about My Generation
ENG 101-B21 Writing about Prison and Prison Culture
ENG 101-B22 Writing about Fiction and Film of Conspiracy: The Self and The System
ENG 101-B23 Writing about My Generation
ENG 101-B24 Writing about Prison and Prison Culture
ENG 101-B25 Writing about Film
ENG 101-B26 Writing about Pop Culture
ENG 101-B27 Writing about Technology and Identity
ENG 101-B28 Writing about Multicultural Lives
ENG 101-B29 Writing about Beauty
ENG 101-B30 Writing about Beauty