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English 101 Section B28. Writing About Writing

Writing about Writing will focus on the essays we read and our responses to them, both in writing and in class discussions. In order to write as well as possible, we need models of writing that will demonstrate various rhetorical methods. We need to acquire the skill of assessing the content of our readings by determining how content is communicated. In this way, we will be reading as writers read, with an eye toward understanding the manner in which various rhetorical devices create meaniug. We will be reading works by Didion, Orwell, Toni Morrison, Nancy Mairs, Langston Hughes, Nabokov, Sartre, Twain Jessica Milford, Gloria Steinem, Machiavelli, Plato, and many others. This course is writing and reading intensive and includes the keeping of an academic journal as well as formal essays, active participation in class discussions, and engagement with each other’s written work through the on-going process of peer review and workshops.