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Education 390. Teaching Reading and Language Arts

Teaching Reading and Language Arts is the second of two required pre-practicum courses for early childhood and elementary licensure majors, who are placed in the same classrooms where they will complete their semester-long practicum during their senior spring. Coursework provides an introduction to reading, writing and related language arts activities in early childhood and elementary education with dual emphasis on the development of an understanding of the reading process and the theories, practices and politics of reading and writing pedagogy. The appropriateness of current curricula, methods and materials will be considered in light of philosophical and practical objectives as well as how practice is shaped and aligned to Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for English and Language Arts and relevant Common Core Standards. The Massachusetts Professional Standards for Teachers: (Curriculum, Planning and Assessment, Teaching All Students, Family and Community Engagement), are integrated primarily at the practice level (with some opportunities for demonstration) through readings, class discussions, lesson planning, written assignments and field experiences.

Mindfulness, or cultivation of present, nonjudgmental awareness, is a strand of the course, which explores the critical importance of learners’ social emotional development in academic contexts. A minimum of 20 hours of fieldwork, scheduled as a lab is required. Attendance at MTEL prep sessions is also required.