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Connections 23003. Modern Latin America

This is a two- or three-course connection that links courses from four different areas: the humanities, the arts, the social sciences and history. Students completing these courses will gain a multidisciplinary understanding of the sociopolitical and cultural phenomena that have shaped contemporary Latin America. Students who can take either HISP 280 or HISP 316 in their connection will derive the additional insight that can only be gained by reading texts on Latin America in the original language, from a distinctly Latin American perspective.

A two-course connection must link courses from at least two different areas; a three-course connection must link courses from three areas.


Creative Arts
MUSC 220 Music in Latin American Culture
or MUSC 223 Music of South America and Mexico
or MUSC 224 Music of the Caribbean Basin: A Continent of Islands

HIST 219 Norte y Sur: Modern Spanish America

HISP 280 The Hispanic World: Introduction to Latin American Culture
HISP 316 Spanish American Literature II: Contemporary Literature

Social Sciences
ANTH 235 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
ANTH 245 Indigenous Movements of Latin America
POLS 233 The Politics of Latin America