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Connections 20086. Medieval Culture

The study of the medieval world has traditionally been interdisciplinary, with many conferences, publications, and degrees in Medieval Studies. It is impossible to study and fully understand medieval literature and medieval art without a knowledge of the historical context. Likewise medieval history often uses literary and artistic works as an entry point into discussion of the past, and in some cases literary and artistic works are the only documentary records that remain today. This Connection, therefore, merely makes explicit much of what we are already doing in our classes. All three professors regularly lecture in each other’s classes; our students overlap; and our textual and pedagogical approaches are already quite interdisciplinary.

HIST 111 History of Europe to 1000 CE
ARTH 253 Castles and Cathedrals
or , ARTH 352 Early Medieval Art and Culture
or ENG 207 Medieval Literature: Beowulf and Others
or ENG 208 Anglo-Saxon Literature
or ENG 306 Chaucer