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Connections 20064. Russian History and Politics

This connection will focus on Russian domestic or foreign policy and its roots in Russian history. In Russian Politics or Russian Foreign Policy, students will study the evolution of the Russian political system since the collapse of the Soviet Union, or the conduct and motivational premises of Russian foreign policy. In RUSS 243/RUSS 343 students will address both history and politics, but in Russian. Students will study Russian point of view, and acquire a familiarity with the vocabulary needed to discuss history and politics in Russian. In Russian History, students will go to the beginnings of Russian society and the state, and examine the role of religion, geography, social hierarchy, political power and ideology over the past two millennia.

Students may connect either of the two political science courses with HIST 215 and with RUSS 243/RUSS 343, or with just one of the latter, making this either a two-course or a three-course connection.

A two-course connection must link courses from at least two different areas; a three-course connection must link courses from three areas.

HIST 215 History of Russia

RUSS 243 Advanced Russian: Grammar, History, Politics
or RUSS 343 Advanced Russian: Grammar, History, Politics

Social Sciences
POLS 249 Russian Foreign Policy
or POLS 255 Russian Politics