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Connections 20048. Environmental Problem Solving

This connection brings together two courses that investigate and shape our relationship with the natural world through analysis and hands-on practice. It represents a multidisciplinary approach to exploring the interaction between humans and the natural world. It provides an understanding of the consequences of human manipulation of the environment through analysis of some of the major environmental problems facing the world. Further, students will apply this understanding to actual environmental conflict situations using the theory and practice of interest-based negotiation in hands-on fieldwork assignments.

CHEM 303 explores the underlying biogeochemical cycles controlling the natural world and the ramifications of human disturbance of those cycles. Environmental issues are viewed in light of how science can inform public and private policy decisions. Students are encouraged to consider the link between environmental quality and the human condition and to explore the possibilities for equitable and sustainable technologies. bypasses the traditional approach of politics, seeking compromise, and the law, which produces frequently unstable or societally unacceptable win-lose outcomes. It assists students to learn the value of building trust among parties in conflict, by identifying conflicted parties and interests, generating positive responses to them, and embracing rather than compromising on issues of health, safety and environmental quality. It exposes students to the concept and practice of risk assessment, and the application of these in their fieldwork.

CHEM 303 Current Problems in Environmental Chemistry

(This Connection was inactive Spring 2011)