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Connections 20023. Global Music

Global Music connects the study of culture and society generally (in ANTH 102) to the study of music within specific cultures and societies: MUSC 211 considers the musical traditions of India, Japan, Indonesia and the Middle East, as well as Celtic and Rom (gypsy) traditions of Europe; MUSC 212 looks at the music of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as ethnic music of the United States, including Native American, Anglo American, African American and Hispanic traditions.

Ethnomusicology and anthropology are both interdisciplinary fields that cross the boundaries of social science, the humanities and the arts in order to comprehend commonalities of the human experience across a wide range of cultural variations. In addition to sharing this comparative project, anthropologists and ethnomusicologists also share certain methodological techniques: participant observation, intensive interviewing, archival and documentary audiovisual research in local communities, often in "exotic" locations. Students will be encouraged, whenever possible, to attend performances, lectures and films that enhance our understanding of cultural diversity and human expression.

ANTH 102 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
MUSC 211 World Music: Eurasia
or MUSC 212 World Music: Africa and the Americas