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Connections 20014. Modern Italy

These two courses focus on modern Italy from interdisciplinary and cross-divisional perspectives, exploring the historical, political and sociocultural phenomena that have shaped contemporary Italy. uses case studies and films to explore current Italian policies, such as immigration, taxes and education, through an analysis of their historical roots in Italy's political movements (e.g., feminism and the 1968 international youth movement) and in Italy's long-standing problems (e.g., political bureaucracy and corruption). ITAS 235 approaches many of these phenomena through literature, art (such as Futurism) and historical and literary criticism. It considers how Italy's contemporary history has shaped Italian women's lives and work, and how women and their production, in the broadest sense, have shaped contemporary Italy. Thus, students who make this connection will be learning not only about modern Italy, but also about how different disciplines (social science and the humanities) develop illuminating methodologies for analyzing historical frameworks and cultural productions.

ITAS 235 Italian Women Writers in Translation

(This Connection was inactive Spring 2011)