Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
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Chinese 101. Elementary Chinese I

This course provides the first-time learner basic knowledge and skills in Chinese. We utilize the Pin-Yin system to enable us to recognize Chinese sounds. Next, an introduction to spoken and written modern Chinese. We also introduce written simplified characters.

There are three objectives for this class: speaking and listening, reading and writing, and Chinese culture. First is the speaking and listening skill. The hope is that students will use Chinese as a means of communication. Students are encouraged to take any opportunity to develop the speaking and listening skill. Next is reading and writing; by the end of the year, students will be able to read a short article such as a personal ad, a job announcement, or movie listings. For writing, students will learn to put into writing what they have already learned to express orally. The final, and perhaps most important, objective of the course is to gain an understanding of the wide variety of nuances of the Chinese culture.