Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
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Studio Art 398. Experimental Courses

Public Art

This is a hands-on course devoted to making art for public spaces. Initially, participants will create several temporary, site-sensitive installations on campus using simple media. Assignment prompts will seek to challenge notions of public art, to change our sense of spaces, to intervene, to engage, or to foster dialogue. In the second half of the course, participants will conceive of public artworks to be sited semi-permanently off campus in a pre-selected public space and learn to develop professional proposals in support of these works. The process will include visiting sites and conducting site research; communicating concepts through writing, illustration, and scaled models; and finally, fabrication and installation of the artwork. Proposals chosen by a selection jury will receive funding and the entire group will work collaboratively to realize the chosen works.

Prerequisites: Any Studio Art Foundation course (ARTS 111, 112, 116) or with permission of Instructor.


Advanced Cinematography

Advanced Cinematography is a practicum course where students will learn develop their cinematic storytelling through cameras, lighting, lenses, movement and framing to create meaning and emotional effect, as well as further their ability to work on set and with a professional crew.


Painting Process

This class explores both contemporary and traditional approaches to painting through an intense focus on process and materials. Selected projects include acrylic paint used as a medium for wash drawing and in fully developed compositions. Assemblage and paint additives further the exploration of surface and texture. Oil paint is used following the indirect method for glazing egg tempera and other under-painting bases. Color and composition will be studied through projects that include non-traditional tools and applications including pouring, squeegee, collage, and stencils.
Prerequisite: Painting I (ARTS 220)or permission of instructor.