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Anthropology 298. Experimental Courses

Archaeology of North America

This course on North American archaeology will cover the prehistory of the continent north of Mexico from the arrival of the earliest Native Americans to various periods of European contact.

For many, an understanding of Native Americans begins with the arrival of Columbus, Coronado, and Cabot. What is usually not touched upon is that native North Americas have inhabited this continent for nearly 15,000 years. Therefore, the prehistory North America is the investigation of distinct cultures that developed and thrived over thousands of year. The majority of the course will investigate those distinct ancient cultures that developed in North American through the lens of their archaeological remains (artifacts and sites) all over the United States and Canada. At the heart of this course will be learning the temporal, geographic, and cultural framework for understanding the archaeological record of ancient North America.

The course will also cover some of the more controversial aspects of North American archaeology, such as ownership, analysis, and repatriation of ancient remains (both human and material culture). We will also consider the relationship between the field of archaeology and Native Americans.
Alex Trayford