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Career and professional development is not a one-time event, but a dynamic and on-going process in which you will engage throughout your lifetime. The career development process for first-year students begins with an emphasis on exploration and discovery. As a first-year students discovering and understanding what matters most by exploring the connections between career interests, academic majors, internships, campus involvement, and other experiences. Every class you take and experience you have will build your skills, expand your interests and most of all, inform your goals.


Learn about different career fields and jobs, and assess your own interest, skills, and motivations to determine the right career fit.

Visit Career Services

Visit us to learn about programs and services designed specifically for first year students. Schedule a meeting with a member of the Career Services staff will support first-year students in learning about programs, services, resources, as well as, initiate your career development process.

Choosing Your Major & Career Direction:

Trying to decide on your major or career path? Start by taking our recommended assessments which can help you discover majors and careers that could best fit your interests. Even if you know your path, our assessments can help confirm your decision. Keep in mind that for many fieldsyour major isn’t the most important qualification. An interest/passion in the field, well-rounded experience (student organizations, part-time jobs, internships, leadership and volunteer work), and your success academically will have a greater impact on future success than what you studied.

Skills & Interests Assessment



Attend the list of Career Services events to learn and explore how your use of these services and programs are customized and tailored to support your journey towards academic and professional success! 

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