Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Career Services




  • Meet with a career advisor to begin focusing on a potential career or graduate school path.
  • Prepare for your junior summer internship by attending Internship 101 workshops.
  • Pursue internship and volunteer experiences during your study abroad or domestic study away program to build an accessible professional network.
  • Stay on top of post-grad opportunities that require your attention (Fulbright, Watson Fellowship, graduate school timetables, etc.).
  • Improve your interviewing skills by doing informational and mock interviews with alumnae/i volunteers and Career Advisors. Continue your connection to the network of alumnae/i who can be of help to you.
  • Establish a professional on-line image in order to successfully present yourself to potential employers and/or graduate schools.
  • Revise your resume with study abroad or domestic study away programs and campus leadership experiences.
  • Access¬†the Alumnae/i On-line Network.

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