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LinkedIn.com has over 40 million professional members around the world representing 150 industries who use the network to exchange information, ideas and opportunities. LinkedIn's job search tools allow you to view each job and see how your network can help you.

  • How it works: Create your own profile page with info about your
    work experience and education and then create connections to people you
    know. Through these trusted connections you can ask and receive
    introductions, referrals and business and job opportunities.
  • Cost: Membership is free; paid memberships offer more newtworking tools.
  • Our comments: LinkedIn is like a huge rolodex…and it’s simply all about building relationships; finding opportunities through online contacts. The site is easy to use.

Xing has about 6 million members, mainly Europe (Germany) and China. It is a great resources zing logo

  • How it works: You have a profile page, can join groups, send messages, check out offline events and the usual networking tools - though no blogs.
  • Cost: You will need to pay premium membership for extra functionality and to remove the ads off your profile, but you can get by on a basic membership which will allow you to be found on google search  engines.
  • Our comments: Xing is easy to use, a lovely clean design and serves the purpose of building your network and making connections.

85 Broads is a global network of over 19,000 women who work for over 3,500 companies and live in 82 countries 85Broads logoworldwide. Members work, or have worked, in all professional fields including consulting, investment management, finance, media and entertainment, technology, banking, academia, sports, law, private equity, venture capital, the arts, engineering, biotech, pharmaceuticals, medicine, advertising, government, education, non-profit organizations, philanthropy, and journalism.

flokkaConnect is a blog about events and networks (online and offline) relevant to women in business and leadership; and networking tips and news to make the most of your networking.

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