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Informational Interviews

Conducting informational interviews enables you to determine if a career path is right for you. When speaking with alumnae/i or other professionals, you can ask questions that are relevant to your career interests, skills and experiences. Learning about an individual's college experience and career path can inform your decision-making.

Suggested questions for Informational Interviews

  • About the person’s background
    • How did you decide that this was the right career field for you
    • How did you get your job
    • What was your major

About the job

    • What are your specific responsibilities; what is a typical day like
    • What skills are required for your job
    • What do you like most about your work
    • What are the challenges of your work

About the organization

    • What is your organization’s management philosophy
    • How do your specific responsibilities fit into the overall goals of the organization
    • What does the company look for in its job candidates
    • What are the typical career paths within the company
  • About the career field
    • How would you describe the work expectations and environment of this field
    • What background is most common to enter this field
    • What summer jobs or internships would you recommend to prepare me for entering this field


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