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Davis International Application

Davis International Fellowship Application

This fellowship is only available to sophomores and juniors with a 3.0 or above GPA. If you have previously been awarded a Davis International Fellowship, you cannot reapply to receive it again. However, you may apply for a different fellowship. In addition, international students are not permitted to use this fellowship for an experience in their home country. Deadline to apply is 12:30 p.m., April 7, 2017.
  • Indicate your 4 digit class year (2017,2018)
  • Write undecided if you have not yet selected a major
  • If you are proposing an independent research project, indicate "Independent Research" in above field
  • **If you are proposing an independent research project, please list the faculty member who will serve as your adviser.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: The Statement of Interest should be error free, double-spaced and address the following selection criteria: • Articulate what you propose to do, making sure there is synergy with your Supervisor Offer Letter or Faculty Letter of Support. • Share your strengths, qualities, and skills that you bring to the experience and give evidence of how these have been developed. • Identify what you expect to learn and how this learning will occur during the experience. • Present a convincing rationale for why this experience is important to you at this juncture in your Wheaton education. • Describe your expected work environment and capture why this particular experience or research is of value to your academic learning and/or career interests. • Convey your ideas convincingly in well-written form. • Demonstrate language and cultural competency necessary for the experience through academic knowledge, prior study or travel abroad. • Present a rationale for the particular country or region.
  • Very Important: The supervisor offer letter should confirm that you have been offered a position and outline your specific job responsibilities. The Selection Committee reviews these closely to help determine the substance and significance of the student’s assignment. A faculty letter of support is only needed if you are completing independent research.
  • Itemize how you propose to use the $5,000 Davis International Fellowship to support your project. Be sure to include a justification of any program fees and what those fees cover. Must be a word or PDF document.

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