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  • Wheaton Fellow Steven Zerbini '11 Interns in Medical Field

    Wheaton Fellow Steven Zerbini ‘11 conducted research at Saint Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT this summer More »
  • Shouse Fellow Emily Chadwick Interns at Southwick's Zoo

    Shouse Fellow Emily Chadwick spent the summer working at Southwick’s Zoo alongside Wheaton Professor Kathy Morgan. More »
  • Trustee Scholar Michelle Lipkin '12

    This summer, Trustee Scholar Michelle Lipkin ’12 assisted researchers in the Developmental Biopsychiatry Research Program at McLean Hospital. More »
  • Balfour Scholar Erin Kole Travels to Uganda

    Balfour Scholar Erin Kole traveled to Uganda with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for “a journey of justice, reconciliation, and faith.” More »
  • Why Do An Internship?

    Aaron Bos-Lun '12 explains, "You get to see a different side of issues, of work, and of people . . . even if you determine you don’t want to spend your career doing that particular thing, you will make your life choices with more confidence and awareness knowing why you are choosing what you are choosing." More »
  • Sarah Gordon and Sarah Mott

    Sarah Gordon '12 and Sarah Mott '12

    Gordon and Mott spent their summer working to improve the English language skills of Turkish children. More »
  • Jillian Boucher '11

    Balfour Scholar Jillian Boucher '11 ventured to Puriscal, Costa Rica. More »
  • Mollie Denhard '10

    Community Scholar Mollie Denhard '10 teaches children in rural India. More »