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Warm Weather Wisdom

Posted on April 13, 2012

Not your typical d-log.  This is an email I sent to all students on April 13:
Dear Wheaton Students: 

As we get hints of the warm spring weather on its way, I’d like to ask a few moments of your time to remind you of a couple of important things:

First, no matter how warm and sunny it is, no matter how exciting events like Spring Weekend are, no matter how close we are to the end of the semester and commencement, the college’s alcohol policies remain in effect.   The short version:  Underage drinking is prohibited, as is providing alcohol to underage people.  Public drinking is prohibited except in areas designated by the college for that activity.  Public intoxication that leads to dangerous or destructive behavior is out of bounds, too. 

The most important name for you to know is this:  SAMM (Safety Always Matter Most).  You will not get in trouble if you call for help for yourself or a friend.  Not to say we won’t have a chat, but please don’t let fear of getting caught keep you from saving the life of a friend.

Second, the college has a strong sexual misconduct policy which I encourage you to familiarize yourself with.

I want to particularly point out the definition of consent as covered in the first section in the policy, especially the fact that consent must be given verbally and cannot be given by someone who may be considered incapacitated.

Violations of these policies can result in very serious sanctions, including suspension and expulsion.  Please don’t be this semester’s cautionary tale.

Lastly, I want to emphasize in the strongest possible way this point:  noncompliance or disrespect shown to college staff, including Public Safety officers, will not be tolerated.  College staff have the right to expect that students and their guests will abide by requests staff make of them.  These requests should not have to be made twice.  Housekeeping and Grounds staff also work very hard for you.  Please show your appreciation for their efforts by cleaning up after yourselves. 

I know that when the weather gets warm, I get into a pretty darn good mood, and I know you do, too.  I really want those good moods to last.  Getting yourself into some serious trouble will likely ruin your mood.  And having to figure out what to do with you should that happen will surely ruin mine.  Can we please agree, as adults and fellow Wheaton community members, to be committed to each others’ good moods for the remainder of the semester?  I’m in.

Thanks for reading,


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