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Career Mentoring Workshop


What is CaMeW?

While there exist a handful of very successful programs for mentoring and encouraging female and minority undergraduate mathematics majors and women entering graduate school in mathematics, at the time of the founding of CaMeW there were no national programs to assist women in navigating their final stages of graduate school. Workshop participants will benefit from a program tailored to meet their needs during this critical time in their career, as they transition from graduate school to the workforce. The goal of the workshop is to support women as they begin their careers as professional mathematicians in an organized fashion.

Each of us (the program directors and mentors) has been involved with mentoring programs at various stages in our careers and has found them to be incredibly rewarding. We recognize the need for women to be encouraged to discuss the stressful time in their lives when they are finishing their dissertation and making decisions about the beginning of their professional careers. While we have individually mentored women friends and acquaintances as they finished graduate school over the last few years, we decided to reach out to more women and do so in a way that would bring graduate students together for support. As one of us was told this year by a friend who just accepted a tenure-track job, "I really, really appreciate all your help through this. I felt really alone here over the last couple of months, and it was so great to have someone to talk to who could offer good advice and understanding."

We aim for this to be an annual workshop to be held for years to come. Each year a group of junior women in mathematics will be invited to run workshops for finishing PhDs in order to offer varied perspectives on this stage in their careers.

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