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Major in Art History

Major requirements for the Class of 2018 and beyond

Art History major worksheet

The Art History major consists of at least 11 semester courses, divided as listed below:

2 introductory Art history courses
Introduction from Ancient to Medieval Art
Introduction to History of Women in Art
Introduction to Italian Renaissance Art
Introduction to American Art and Architecture
Introduction to Modern Architecture
Introduction to Modern and Contemporary Art

2 Studio Art courses (any)

*5 courses from categories A, B and C (see below)

*1 elective course (any category)

Senior Seminar ARTH 401

Among the 6 courses listed with an asterisk*, at least 2 need to be 300-level courses

2 from category A
700 BCE - 500
ARTH 255 Art and Ritual of the Ancient Americas
ARTH 274 Visualizing Ancient Rome

ARTH 253 Castles and Cathedrals
ARTH 352 Early Medieval Art and Culture
ARTH 398 Bodies: Dead or Alive 1000-1500

ARTH 241 Northern Renaissance Painting 1400-1550
ARTH 242 Patronage and the Artist in Early-Modern Italy
ARTH 243 Early Modern Spaces
ARTH 244 Baroque Art
ARTH 261 Anatomies 1400-1600: Sexual, Forbidden and Monstrous
ARTH 270 The Art of the Print
ARTH 350 Ruling Families of the Renaissance
ARTH 398 Fields of Knowledge in the Early Modern Period

2 from category B
ARTH 263 African American Art
ARTH 270 The Art of the Print
ARTH 298 Impossible Monsters: Goya as Painter and Printmaker
ARTH 330 Picturing New York
ARTH 370 Women at Work: Art History and Feminism

ARTH 250 Modernism and Mass Culture in France, 1848-1914
ARTH 257 Photography and Knowledge (1830-1930)
ARTH 270 The Art of the Print
ARTH 300 French Art and Its Others (1830-1930)

ARTH 212 African Visual Cultures
ARTH 240 Art of the Avant-Gardes, 1900-1945: France, Germany, Italy and Russia
ARTH 245 Postwar and Contemporary Art: 1945-2000
ARTH 300 French Art and Its Others (1830-1930)
ARTH 312 Contemporary African Arts
ARTH 320 Matisse and Methods

1 from category C: if a course from the above categories has a curatorial component, it may fulfill category C
Museum Studies
ARTH 230 Introduction to Museum Studies
ARTH 334 Exhibiting Africa: Past and Present
ARTH 335 Exhibition Design
ARTH 398 Museum Controversies

For any questions regarding Art History, please contact the Art History Chair, Kim Miller.

Major requirements for the Classes 2016 and 2017

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