Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College


Artist's Statement

My design process is like living by a river fed by springs and unknown sources far away. There are constants. There are cyclical variations. There are times when unexpected things float by. There are things tossed in by other people, and there are ways I may alter the flow. The constants in my work are telling a story with image and color in the form of heavy wool garments. The themes I cycle through are family history, nature, literary references (poetry and fiction), and stories from the world news. I begin with the story. I work with materials I revel in, within a tradition I revere, to create images in knit fabrics. Most of the images capture personal experiences. the hand prints...the hands of my children; the stones...from a creek; a dragonfly...a specific dragonfly, seen in a specific moment in a specific light. I document moments passing, history passing, history passing.

Ann Clarke



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