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Mobile Small Works Galleries

The Wheaton Mobile Small Works Galleries are all-campus roving venues that host revolving exhibitions of artwork created by students and visiting artists, as well as objects from the Wheaton Permanent Collection. You can track the galleries on the map below.

The Current Exhibitions


WHALE Lab Selections
This exhibition features objects created by students in the Wheaton Autonomous Learning Lab located in the Science Center Room 1340. The WHALE lab is chock-full of robots, computers, tools, and spaces to work on projects. Students that learn to use the equipment safely have access to this space or can use the space with student mentors.

Drone designed and built by Zebi Rubin ‘16

“Pleo” a modified dinosaur toy

Plastic polyhedra from the MakerBot 3D printer


Books made Abroad: Lauren Andres ‘14
This exhibition contains a collection of books created by Lauren Andres ’14 while abroad in Cortona, Italy in the spring of 2013. The book covers are mainly made of book cloth or leather found at antique fairs in Italy, or of found materials like produce wrappers gathered from fruit stands in Cortona.

The book with the light gray cover is made with hand made paper, which incorporates flowers from the Cortona hillside. The books are bound with several different stitching techniques, including pamphlet, buttonhole, and long stitch.


Selected Student Films: Experimental + Narrative + Documentary
Lights+Sounds by Ned Uysal '15

A Lemon's Aid (silent) by Gracie Stark '16

Woodworking by Gabe Bornstein '14 & Luke Demers '14

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