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Major in Studio Art

Major Requirements

For permission to enter the studio concentration, students must submit a portfolio of their work to the department during their sophomore year. Faculty review of portfolio submissions occurs once during the fall and once during the spring semester. All students who wish to be studio majors must be approved and accepted by the end of their sophomore year. For any questions regarding studio art, please contact the chair, Claudia R. Fieo.

Studio Art major worksheet

The studio art concentration consists of at least 12 semester courses. Three studio art courses must be taken at or above the 300-level.

Two Art History courses. Must be completed before senior year.

Three foundation courses in studio art:
ARTS 111 Two-Dimensional Design
ARTS 112 Spatial Dynamics
and ARTS 116 Drawing I
These foundation courses must be taken at Wheaton before senior year.

Five additional studio art courses in diverse media. One elective course must be at the 300-level.

One ARTS 399 taken fall semester

One semester of ARTS 402 Senior Seminar

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