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  • The History of Math at Wheaton College

    History of Math (Math 398) - Professor Chuck Straley One of the major requirements of History of Math is for teams of three students to write, produce and present a 20 to 25 minute play about a mathematician or mathematics topic. More »
  • Lura Hart Upson, 1909 classbook

    Tracking Social Change

    Research Methods (SOC 302) – Professor Karen McCormack In Research Methods, students are introduced to the logic and methods used to collect and analyze data sociologically. In addition to learning and practicing these methods, students learn to how to develop good research questions and, at the end of the semester, construct a proposal for their senior theses. More »
  • The Fan Book

    Students Find Examples of Outwork

    First Year Seminar: The Art of Collecting- Professor Touba Ghadessi Fleming and Professor Leah Niederstadt Students in our first year seminar explored collecting and display practices throughout history and in various cultures. In addition to field trips to the Norton Historical Society and Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, they also visited Wheaton College’s Gebbie Archives and Special Collections. More »
  • Class of 1926 Scrapbook

    Collect, Catalog, and Preserve

    Museum Studies (ARTH 230)- Professor Leah Niederstadt When it comes to thinking about museums, many students picture the Metropolitan Museum in New York City or the British Museum in London, both of which fit a traditional idea of the museum as a large temple- or palace-like building housing objects that are used to entertain, educate, even enlighten, the public. More »
  • Laban Morey Wheaton’s Daybook Transcription

    Transcription and Coding with TEI

    Junior Colloquium (HIST 302)- Professor Kathryn Tomasek In spring 2009, students in History 302, Junior Colloquium, transcribed and coded pages from the Daybook of Laban Morey Wheaton, the husband of Wheaton Female Seminary founder Eliza Baylies Wheaton. More »
  • Moss by Lucy Larcom

    Complete Amateur Naturalist

    First Year Seminar: Complete Amateur Naturalist -Professor Betsey Dyer Although Louis Agassiz said to "Study Nature, not Books,” one of the first field trips made by students in my class is to the College Archives. Here they view some wonderful examples of original and printed works by naturalists of the past, including students at Wheaton Seminary. More »
  • Attleborough Bank Note

    Money and Business at Wheaton College

    Economic Anthropology (ANTH 333)- Professor M. Gabriela Torres In Economic Anthropology (ANTH 333), we work to understanding the ways that currency and money are socially constructed cross-culturally and in our own local past. More »