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The Archives and Special Collections for Alumnae/i

  • How do I find my own history in the Archives?

    The Marion B. Gebbie Archives preserves the history of Wheaton by acquiring and maintaining various documents related to the college. It is possible that Wheaton alumnae/i might find personal documents housed in the Archives or find themselves in photographs, theses student papers, club notes, and college publications (Nike, Rushlight, etc...).

    Alumnae/i can inquire whether or not the Archives houses documents related to them or Wheaton relations by contacting the staff directly, either by phone or e-mail. Due to staffing and time constraints, such inquiries will be taken on a case by case basis. When contacting the staff, alumnae/i should be as specific as possible in indicating what type of document he or she is looking for (photographs, club notes, etc...), specific dates, name variations, or other relevant information.

  • How can I support the Archives and Special Collections ?

    Alumnae/i can support the Marion B. Gebbie Archives and Special Collections in a variety of ways. The most common is to donate Wheaton-related artifacts (i.e. class photographs, student publications, memorabilia, student papers, diaries, scrapbooks, photo albums, letters, and correspondences). Personal papers related to family and career will also be considered. These donations will help to develop and strengthen the College Archives, as well as enrich the research experience. Contributions to the Special Collection (i.e. rare books, manuscripts, and other materials of unique value) will also be considered.

    Monetary donations to the Marion B. Gebbie Archives and Special Collections are always welcome. Gifts (of any size) are very much appreciated. Alumnae/i can make a general donation to the Archives and Special Collection or direct their money to a specific project (i.e. the acquisition of a new collection, supporting text encoding projects, and the like).

    For more information on the donation process, please visit Donating to the Marion B. Gebbie Archives and Special Collections.

  • What types of materials is the Archives seeking from for alumnae/i?

    Listed below are general guidelines for donations to the Archives and Special Collections. Individuals should contact an Archivist prior to making a donation to the Marion B. Gebbie Archives and Special Collection.

    Archival items that have relevance to Wheaton College such as:

    • Student and Alumnae/i publications
    • Faculty/Staff publications written, researched, or published while in Wheaton College employ
    • Manuscript materials and ephemera related to Wheaton College, such as diaries, letters, and correspondence.
    • Biographical and Genealogical Materials
    • Financial, Legal, and Business Files
    • Educational Materials, such as papers and exams
    • Audio and Video Recordings
    • Pictorial Materials
    • Scrapbooks

    Items that enhance Special Collections. The Collections are especially looking for :

    • 19th Century and earlier publications from England and Europe
    • Incunabula
    • 19th Century and 20th century materials about the underside of life such as child abuse, employment/unemployment, and living conditions
    • Literature by and about women, families, and gender issues
    • 18th Century periodicals
    • Large collections in special areas
    • Manuscript Materials of any era:
      • Careers of women and the family
      • Gender issues
      • Child rearing
      • Diaries, journals, letters
  • How do I make I make an appointment to visit the Archives and Special Collections?
    The Marion B. Gebbie Archives and Special Collections is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. It is closed on Saturday and Sundays and designated holidays. Due to limited staffing and time, researchers interested in visiting the Archives and Special Collections should contact an archivist directly (either by phone or e-mail) to ensure that an archivist will be available to aid you with your research.
  • I cannot travel to the Wheaton Archives, can I still access materials?
    The Marion B. Gebbie Archives and Special Collections will try its best to accommodate researchers who are unable to travel to Wheaton College to conduct his or her research. However, due to limited staffing and time, each research request will be dealt with on a case by case basis. For this reason, researchers should contact the Archives and Special Collections directly, either by phone or e-mail, to work out arrangements.

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