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@ElizaBTweetin: June 14, 1872: Carryall Arrives!

Posted on June 14, 2013

Eliza B. Wheaton's Diary, June 14-19, 1872.

After several weeks of anticipation, following George Wild’s initial investigation of Carryalls available in Boston and Eliza B. Wheaton paying for the carriage, it was finally delivered by train at the Norton Depot, just one mile east of the Seminary.

Wild was actually the first to use the carriage, driving Mrs. Wheaton's guest, Dr. Thomas Shepard, to local cemeteries to find the graves of his ancestors. Shepard actively promoted public education in RI, which may have brought him to Eliza's attention. The minister of the Bristol, RI Congregational Church from 1835-1879, Shepard graduated from Brown University and Andover Seminary, and served as the Superintendent of Schools in Bristol from 1849-1855. Known as a man of quiet and unobtrusive manners, he possessed a "winning gravity and dignity of bearing".

Eliza B. Wheaton's carriage, used in the College's 1935 Centennial Celebration.

Over the next few days, Mrs. Wheaton's special friends and guests were invited to join her in afternoon drives around the village. While we cannot be certain if the surviving Wheaton carriage is the Carryall that arrived on June 14, the word describes such a wide variety of vehicles that it may well be the very same.

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