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@ElizaBTweetin: June 12, 1872: Town & City

Posted on June 12, 2013

Although Mrs. Wheaton and her companion Eliza Knight Beane were together a great deal, they sometimes traveled in different directions.  On June 11, Mrs. Beane went with Seminary teachers Maria Mellus and Ann E. Carter to Mansfield, while Mrs. Wheaton drove around Norton, visiting Mrs. Atkinson, the minister’s wife, as well as Mrs. Tom Wetherel and Mrs. Freeman.

Wetherel (Wetherell or Witherill) and Freeman are old names in Norton. Seven Wetherell and five Freeman families are listed in the 1855 census.  The Wetherells owned several businesses and homes in the Chartley section of Norton, and several Freeman families lived on what is now West Main St., so it is likely that Mrs. Wheaton drove west on what is now Rte. 123, toward Attleboro.

Tables & Stands purchased from Buckley, Bancroft & Boyden.

On June 12, Mrs. Wheaton took the train to Boston to deposit funds in her accounts, and make purchases for the continued renovations to her home. Receipts tell this part of the day's story.

Receipt from W.E. Cash, 12 June 1872.

Purchases of washstands, ewers and basins, and window shades indicate that Eliza was refurbishing bedrooms.

Kimball Brothers ad from 1870 Boston City Directory.

Eliza also paid for her new Carryall (derived from the French cariole), a light, four-wheeled, roofed carriage with seats for four people, drawn by one horse. She paid Kimball Brothers $380 for the carriage, which was delivered on Friday, June 14. The sale of six Jersey cattle, mentioned in Monday’s blog, supported this purchase. Eliza’s cash book records the receipt of $25 for one cow sold to Lewis Austin, and $323.40 for five cattle sold to Isburgh & Rowland Carriage Depository in Boston.


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