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Stuffed Animals at Wheaton: Mystery Solved!

Posted on November 18, 2010

Wheaton College Pet Show, 1935Dear Archives Staff,

I was surprised and excited when I opened a birthday card from my mother's cousin recently and found a clipping of an article from your Wheaton Quarterly. She received it from Louise Swallow Ripley (class of 1939), who recognized my mother.

Pictured are my mother Mary Emeline Burnham (right) and June E. Webster. I recognized the picture immediately from an old scrapbook my mother had kept! A picture and accompanying newspaper article from her scrapbook answers your question: "Who are these young women and why are they holding all of these stuffed animals?"!!!


Polly Calhoun

Dear Polly,

This is exciting news! We have had several guesses about the individuals in the photo, but all turned out to be incorrect. Your information adds to our knowledge about our collections, and is greatly appreciated!Wheaton News, November 16 1935

From our research, the Pet Show sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. occurred only once and was in place of the annual Christmas Bizarre for the 1935-1936 year.

Your mother, Mary Emeline Burnham, was involved in many other activities besides the Y.W.C.A. Pet Show during her time at Wheaton College. These activities include the Vocational Committee, Rushlight, Dramatic Association, class basketball, Varsity, and Assistant House Chairman.

Unfortunately, we know very little about June Webster's class activities as she only attended Wheaton College for her freshman and sophomore years during 1935-1937.


The Archives Staff




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