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Get started with a study abroad program

Students planning to major in Anthropology should seriously consider taking a year, semester, or short course study abroad option.

How to narrow down a study abroad choice is one of the most critical decisions you can make because it has the potential to greatly enhance the quality of your Wheaton education and what you do with it after you graduate.

To get started, ask yourself these questions:

  • What area of the world interests me?
  • What topics would I like to study during my time off campus?
  • Can I build on my skills in a foreign language using a study abroad program?
  • How much cultural immersion would I want?
  • Am I interested in a field-based program or a more conventional university-based program?
  • Do I want a program that includes a professional internship?

Choosing a Program/First Steps

After asking yourself these questions,

  • make an appointment with the Chair of the Anthropology Department to discuss your study abroad interests
  • Look over the suggestions below and the connected links
  • Investigate further: make an appointment to talk with the staff in the Center for Global Education to get more information about the programs you are considering
  • Talk over the programs that you are considering with your family

Choosing a Program/Applications and Deadlines

  • Look over the courses that will be offered in your program for the semester/ year
  • Decide on a tentative course plan and discuss this with your academic advisor
  • Download the course approval form and see which courses are already approved in the Global Center database. For courses not yet approved you need to get the approval of chairs of the appropriate departments. You may also need to gain approval for courses that you hope will meet your major, minor or general education requirements. Make these appointments early
  • Ask your academic advisor or other faculty who know you well to write you a recommendation letter. Get them the forms and addressed envelopes at least two weeks in advance of the due date.
  • File your application on time.
    You need to write two: one for the Center for Global Education (deadlines are announced) and one for the program to which you are applying.
    If you are applying to a program with a rolling deadline, the earlier you submit the application, the better your chances of admission

More information about Wheaton's Study Abroad programs.
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