Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College


Honors Theses

Students Awarded Departmental Honors

  • Juan Felipe Riaño
    Ungendering the Intersex Body (2014)
    Supervised by Torres
  • Sally Dexter
    Consuming Coffee, Drinking Democracy: Fair and Direct Trade Coffee in Alternative Markets (2012)
    Supervised by Torres
  • Tofani Grava
    The Mormon Culture of Community and Recruitment (2011)
    Supervised by Owens
  • Cassandra Warnick
    Why do you Honk? An Ethnographic Study of a Festival for Activist/Street Bands? (2010)
    Supervised by Owens
  • Lily Mulcahy
    I'm Too Young for This: Multivocality in Young Adult Cancer Advocacy (2009)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Ashley Smith
    How Indian Are You Anyway: The Abenaki of the Northeast and the 'Indian Problem' of the 21st Century (2008)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Jon Lyons
    In the Shadows After Socialism: Emerging Markets and Ancestral Values in a Rural Mongolian District (2003)
    Supervised by Owens
  • Susan (Libby) Bixby
    Embodying Inequality in Ecuador: Children, Identity and Pedagogy (2001)
    Supervised by Albro
  • Travis Andrade
    The End of the Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean (2000)
    Supervised by Owens
  • Allison Nagy
    Illness, Identity, and Culture: Asthma as a Socio-cultural Phenomenon (1999)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Carrie Puglisi
    Cultured Tourism for Sustaining Development in Bali, Indonesia(1998)
    Supervised by Owens
  • Melissa Perna
    Evolving Families: Interracial Adoption in the United States (1998)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Robin Cullen
    Ties That Bind: Ethnicity at Wheaton College (1998)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Alyce Gowdy-Wright
    Pediatric Chronicity and Patient Support (1997)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Trillium Levine
    The Evolution of a Hazardous Waste Dispute: A processual Approach (1997)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Kathryn Haigh
    An Investigation of Immigrant Absorption: The Experience of Russian Single-Parent Families Headed by Women in Israel(1994)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Nina Murphy
    Life Betwixt and Between: The Impact of the Continuing Education Process on Wheaton College CE Students and Their Family Members (1990)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Katherine Nye
    The Power of Productivity: Polygyny and Power in Luo Society(1989)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Nikki Coulombis
    Consumption, Social Control, and the Construction of Identity: Observations of Dining Patterns on a College Campus (1989)
    Supervised by Kerner

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